Trauma Basics for Providers
September 17, 2021 9am – 12:45pm

Join us for this free virtual training and earn your Continuing Education Credits.  Registration deadline is Sept. 10th.  Click here for more details.

The Y takes a big leap to advance equity and justice for all.  Read the full press release here.


Please welcome our new President, Secretary, and returning Treasurer, along with our new CPA and IL Division Chairs. Thank you for your leadership and dedication to the success of the organization.

Effective July 1, 2021:

President - Carla Arnold, Youthnet (2-year term)
Secretary - Sandra Gormon-Brown, Grassroots Therapy Group (1-year term)
Treasurer - Ray Deck III, Skookum Kids (2-year term)
CPA Division Chair Nicole Mazen, Amara (2-year term)
IL Division Chair - Julie Brown, Y Social Impact Center (2-year term)

A commitment to supporting families: Check out great resources at the Children’s Bureau website including a new Prevention Resource Guide "Thriving Children and Families: Prevention With Purpose.”


What is a home licensor? It’s a vital part of the foster care process! The Foster Home Licensor works on securing, training, and licensing foster care individuals and homes for the placement of children.

For more information please check out our flyer: Foster Home Licensor Job Posting

Check out how Child Placement Agencies support children and foster families and partner with state social workers and DCYF in this new WACF CPA webpage and video: This page is dedicated to clarifying the roles and benefits of CPAs in working toward good outcomes for children and their families.

Throughout his career, Brian Carroll has been a partner and colleague of so many of us.  He was instrumental in the early formation of WACF, helping to bring together agencies providing residential, foster care, and preventive services.  Brian’s leadership was crucial during the early days, helping with the formation of our corporation, bylaws, and creation of our original three division structure.  His insight and experience serving on local and national boards was critical during this phase of our organization.  From 2012 – 2017, Brian served as our Vice President and Public Policy Chair.  He spent countless hours in Olympia meeting with DCYF leadership and key legislative stakeholders on behalf of WACF.  In 2017 – 2019 Brian served as President of WACF.  Throughout his service, Brian has been dedicated to providing excellent services to children and families through his own organization, Secret Harbor.  This commitment was highlighted in 2012 when the national membership association Alliance for Children and Families presented Brian and Secret Harbor with the Alliance for Children and Families Agency of the Year award.  Brian will truly be missed but we wish him all the best in retirement and consulting work.

The Family Connections Program is a framework to build relationships between all the important people in a foster child's life.

Read more at  FCPWA.  Thanks to Amara, FCPWA and Washington Courts. 

Family Connections: King's Story 

Family Connections: Yuvia's Story

In January, Health and Human Services repealed a rule that prohibited government contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE) or on religion. We applaud DCYF’s stance  and stand with others across the state against any form of discrimination in alignment with the equity commitment adopted by our members last month: Members shall commit to removing practices and policies that lead to poor outcomes for people of color in the child welfare system. WACF will ensure all policy, advocacy and practice improvement changes have a focus on removing racism. We value providing best practice that promotes improved outcomes for children and youth regardless of their economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, language, or age.

Welcome to our newest WACF Board Member Julie Brown, from the Y Social Impact Center.  Julie is serving as the chair of the newly formed WACF Independent Living Division. Julie has been with the Y Social Impact Center for 7 years, and leads Foster Care Transitions.  She has focused her career on adolescents and young adults, starting about 20 years ago supporting youth transitioning out of correctional institutions, and then providing BRS support to boys 13 - 17.  We’re fortunate to have Julie’s expertise and passion as an addition to our WACF Board!

Choosing to become a foster parent is a major decision that will make a huge difference in a foster child’s life — and it will change your life too.  For anyone who is considering becoming a foster parent, or anyone who just wants to learn about how to support foster children, this free video course is a great place to begin.  Access the free webinar here:

WACF recognizes racial equity as a priority in preventing families from entering foster care, improving the disproportionality of foster families and reducing the number of youth of color in group care. We are dedicated to advocacy and policy and practice improvement that eliminate racism within the child welfare system. Our members recently voted to update WACF bylaws to more clearly state our shared commitment to racial equity:

Kelly Warner-King of the Washington Court Improvement Training Academy recently added a post with a wealth of information and resources on children and youth mental health during the pandemic:

Also the Department of Health (DOH) is monitoring current and potential issues related to behavioral health during the pandemic through regular reports that are informed by disaster research. This is a fabulous resource for everyone – whether individually, for workforce considerations or for understanding and responding to the impact on children and families. This is available in the Reports section on the DOH Behavioral Health Resource and Recommendations webpage: Click here for website.

And here is a link to their December 2020 report:  Click here for report


Foster Care Centers of Excellence are medical centers that are created for youth in the child welfare system with a goal to make health care easier. They provide high quality, trauma-informed medical care on a one-time basis or serve as a Primary Care Provider, and provide a variety of services. Foster Care Centers of Excellence also team up with Coordinated Care of Washington, Inc. when needed. New Foster Care Centers of Excellence have been opened in Seattle and Spokane. See flyer for more information.

Amy has worked the last 11 years with Denver Public Schools. Her background is in strategy and improvement, data and reporting. She is also a former kinship foster parent and now an adoptive parent of three kids. Amy will support Jill across many areas of WACF, but in particular will be developing the strategic plan for WACF that will take advantage of the opportunity of our new 501(c)(3) organization.


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